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About Will

Will Tucker is exceedingly thorough, smart and a creative problem solver. With 31 years of experience

His company, Willamette Valley Redevelopment, LLC, buys renovates and sells between 20-50 homes and apartments a year. Will is also a licensed General Contractor, Licensed and Certified Lead Paint Renovator, Licensed Principal Real Estate Broker, Member of 5 LLC's, Owner of 41 apartment units and single family homes.

His expertise includes:

-Short Sale Negotiations
-Creative Financing
-Remodeling, Restoration, & Renovations
-Construction Codes
-Estate & Conservator Sales
-Land Development and Partitions
-Foreclosures and Bankruptcies

Will, his wife Kelsey, Movie Producer, Actress, Writer, Attorney and son Dash live in Lake Oswego.

Will and Kelsey Tucker